Antron.® Long-Run Sustainability

In a marketplace where a narrow view of sustainability has centered on recycled content, the Antron® approach to sustainability has a bigger-picture focus. We seek to enhance human wellbeing and reduce environmental impact through unbeatable product performance– cleanability, durability and longevity that far surpass competitive fibers.  That’s sustainability for the long run. Putting people first with products that last.

Antron® Brand on Sustainability 

Product Longevity.

Antron® high-performance fibers are designed based on the belief that the longer our product lasts, the more sustainable it is. After all, carpet should be durable, not disposable.

In It For The Long-Run.

We engineer Antron® fibers for unbeatable product performance helping make our product last up to 75% longer than the majority of competitive fibers. That's meaningful sustainability.

Efficient Manufacturing.

We recycle and upcycle during fiber production to eliminate waste and support responsible, low-carbon-footprint manufacturing.

*All test results and claims made in this brochure are based upon a representative sample of carpets manufactured or sold in North America.
Results for carpets manufactured and sold in your region may vary.

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