Specifying the right carpet fiber in a commercial environment can have a positive impact on occupant wellbeing.  Carpets made with Antron® fiber may contribute to a clean environment, including improved indoor air quality by reducing airborne particles, can more easily release soil and particulates with vacuuming and reduce the need for harsh chemicals in the maintenance process. In addition to comfort and acoustic advantages that carpet provides, the cleanability, durability and longevity of Antron® nylon type 6,6 fiber can deliver those human benefits while reducing environmental impact.

Helping Support Human Wellbeing

When surveying Flooring Professionals* who regularly maintain, clean and replace commercial carpets, 88% agree carpets of Antron® promote wellbeing within a facility.  In fact, carpets of Antron® nylon can have 65% better soil resistance than carpets of the leading competitive nylon, contributing to a cleaner indoor environment. With the innovative four-hole hollow filament shape of Antron® nylon type 6,6 there are fewer places for soil to hide, helping soil to be released more easily during vacuuming and reducing the need for harsh chemicals in the maintenance process.  This facilitates a cleaner environment - both inside and out. 

*Stamats Market Research, Antron® Brand Reputation Study, 10/18

There are many benefits to carpet, including acoustic advantages. External sources of noise can impact employee productivity, student learning overall patient wellbeing. As commercial design takes on a communal design to encourage collaboration, the noise from conversations and telephones will increase.  When specifying flooring it is important to consider sound absorption, such as noise between floors and and foot traffic, that each type may or may not provide.  Carpet can be great at absorbing airborne noise.  "Carpet absorbs ten times more airborne noise than any other floor covering and as much as most other types of standard acoustical materials" according to Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) Let carpets of Antron® help you achieve acoustical balance. Because, when your facilities' occupants are comfortable, they're also productive, relaxed and open-minded.
Wayfinding can have a very powerful impact on our wellbeing.  If you've ever been to a building you're not familiar with, such as a hospital, then you understand the anxiety that can be experienced when you're unable to find your destination easily. Wayfinding, incorporated by various design elements, helps individuals easily identify where they need to go without confusion or challenges along the way. The use of carpet tiles can provide a unique design solution. Modular carpet offers design flexibility by selecting various colors, patterns, installation directions and mixing with other flooring materials such as LVT, wood and/or tile.

Carpet can create a comfortable environment. Not only does carpet cushion our footsteps, thus reducing fatigue, but can also provide traction which can help minimize slips, trips and falls and even the impact from them.  This is especially worth considering in schools and elderly care facilities.

In colder climates, carpet may also provide insulation benefits by retaining warm air longer. Not only does this help enhance the wellbeing of a buildings occupants but also positively impact a building's operational efficiency. 

Our unbeatable product performance and longevity connect reduced environmental impact with a higher aim: human wellbeing. 

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