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The cost of premature carpet replacement can be substantial, not to mention the disruption of replacement and damage to your reputation.  When it comes to selecting flooring that will meet your performance needs, your Antron® Representatives are on your side. We want to maximize your spend, minimize downtime, and have magnificent looking flooring that lasts as long as you need it. Contact us today and let’s get started!  We’re here to help.

Interior Designer, End Use Customers and Dealers contact:

Stacy Dobbs

Stacy Dobbs
Senior Manager, Antron® Business Development & North America Field Team Lead
(281) 475-9284
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Global/Large End Use Customers

Jackie Schmidt

Jacqueline Schmidt
Antron® Business Development Manager - North America Strategic National Accounts
(586) 925-1001
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Carpet Mill Representatives

Mike Pendergast

Michael Pendergast
Antron® Business Development Manager - North America Mill Support
(470) 572-4493
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All other inquiries contact an INVISTA Representative:

(877) 526-8766, press 0 for the operator

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