ResisTech® Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Treatment

A well-planned maintenance program—that includes both preventive maintenance and regular, proper cleaning—is key to making sure your carpet retains its appearance over time. Combined with ResisTech® Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Treatment, you can help protect your flooring investment. An effective maintenance program will extend the life of your carpet—reducing life cycle costs and maximizing your commercial floor covering investment.

About ResisTech® Products

ResisTech® carpet cleaning and maintenance treatment explained

What it is

A low moisture treatment that encapsulates soil and adds anti-soiling technology to your carpet fiber

How it Works

Chemistry surrounds & neutralizes soil particles, inhibits the attraction of other soil. Refortifies your carpet helping to prevent staining.

How You Benefit

Helps your carpet look better longer between hot water extraction (HWE) cleanings and uses less water than hot water cleaning
Commercial carpet anti-soiling cleaning and treatment with ResisTech®

What it is

A commercial grade pre-spray that helps release oily and particulate soils and helps improve cleanability

How it Works

Releases soil particles, allowing dirt to be extracted easily

How You Benefit

Helps improve cleanability, offers deep-cleaning hot water extraction (HWE) without sticky residues

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