Antron® Legacy ™ Fiber 

White Dyeable Nylon
Antron® Legacy™ fiber is a white dyeable nylon that offers the ultimate in color and styling flexibility with shimmery strands and woolly yarns that all play nicely together to create multi-dimensional carpet.

Carpets with Antron®Legacy™ nylon are designed with patent pending, DuraTech® soil resistance treatment.  And, carpets of Antron® Legacy™ nylon have up to 65% better soil resistance1 and can last up to 75% longer2. Coupled with our type 6,6 nylon you have a carpet that excels in all three performance criteria - soil, stain and texture.

"Antron® Legacy™ nylon was selected because the type 6,6 nylon fiber makes it tougher for stains to penetrate the carpet."

Jennifer O'Shea

PSE&G Specialized Hospital

Antron® Legacy ™ Fiber

23 Yarns

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