Antron® Lumena™ Fiber System 

 Solution Dyed Nylon
Whether you manage an office space, an education facility, or a busy international airport, you need a high-performing carpet fiber that protects your investment by staying beautiful and easy to clean for its entire lifecycle. That’s why Antron® Lumena™ nylon type 6,6 fiber is engineered with long-lasting protection against the top performance attributes – stain, soil, and texture. As the first nylon fiber with permanent, built-in protection, Lumena™ is designed for a more effective, longer-lasting clean, helping reduce your total cost of ownership while contributing to a clean, wellbeing-focused environment.

When Your Carpet Isn’t Making the Grade, Change Your Fiber 

Cleanability meets durability.

With unbeatable long-lasting performance, carpets of Antron® Lumena™ is designed for a more effective, longer-lasting clean. 

Easier to maintain.

89% of Flooring Professionals surveyed agree that carpets made with Antron® fiber cost less to maintain, potentially leading to a lower overall cost of ownership.*

Facilitates a cleaner environment.

Designed for a more effective clean, Antron® Lumena™ contributes to a clean, wellbeing-focused environment.

Antron® Lumena™ Fiber 

290 Colors

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