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Including fiber in your carpet specification is worth your attention. The result is a space that engages and delights staff, enhances productivity and wellbeing, reflects a client's image, all while standing up to the demands of a bustling business. All the inspiration you need to specify Antron® nylon can be found right here.

 Antron® Design Inspiration

Your interior space reflects your company brand image. Specifying carpet in your facility can have a major impact on how both employees and visitors perceive your facility and affect employee morale, creativity, productivity and wellbeing.
When color, pattern and design are carefully considered, the role of carpet in healthcare facilities achieves equally important functional and aesthetic design objectives. It helps create a soothing and healing environment, provides warmth and comfort, helps reduce and cushion falls, reduces glare and assist in wayfinding.
The interior design of schools contributes to an enhanced learning environment for students.  Carpet acts as an insulator, absorbs noise creating quieter environment more conducive to learning, helps reduce and cushion falls and provides comfort by reducing floor fatigue for teachers and extends usable space by allowing children to work on the floor.
Bold and colorful carpet patterns are typically found in busy places where large groups of people convene.  Carpet in airports, convention centers, malls and restaurants must stand up to heavy foot traffic, but also give directional clues, complement merchandise displays, provide comfort for foot fatigue, and reflect a brand.  
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"Color in a post-COVID world will be expected to be familiar and grounding as well as uplifting and joyful. Our Global Design team predicts olive greens like our 6825 Gilded Green to trend in 2022. Pair with 8341 Saltwater, 2402 French Roast, 9682 Mulberry or 3485 Satsuma Orange."

Martha Wakelin

Design & Development Manager

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