Installation Gallery

You know us. Even when you don't.  We're the canvas for how you live, learn, work, travel, heal, relax, and entertain in away-from-home spaces. Design professionals turn to us when their reputation for quality is on the line. Building owners and facility managers choose us when they have one chance to get color, design, and performance right, because we're committed to ensuring the products that wear our name are strong, resilient, durable and beautiful inside and out.  Go ahead and get inspired with installations from our manufacturing partners.
Communal space at MIT IDSS & SSRC with Antron® fiber installed fiber MIT IDSS & SSRC
Style inspiration with Antron® fiber at Forest Hills School District  West Virginia Univ-Ruby Memorial
Antron® carpet fiber installed at US Naval Acadamy United States Naval Academy
Antron® carpet fiber installed at Financial Group Offices Financial Group Offices
Style inspiration with Antron® carpet fiber at Aspen Dental Office Aspen Dental
Concentrix Corporation offices featuring Antron® commercial carpet Concentrix Corp
We make Antron® fibers to help carpet work and play extra hard, clean up nicely, resist crushing and matting, and help prevent spills from becoming stains. So including fiber in your carpet specification is worth your attention.  The result is a space that engages and delights staff, enhances productivity and wellbeing, reflects a client's image, all while standing up to the demands of a bustling facility.

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