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Black & Veatch

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Why Black & Veatch trusts Antron® Fiber

We seek to enhance human wellbeing and reduce environmental impact through unbeatable product performance including cleanability, durability and longevity that far surpass competitive fibers.

About Antron®

Antron® carpet fiber is a unique offering in the market because of being a nylon type 6,6 fiber combined with a four-hole hollow shape.  The unique combination of inherent Antron® fiber attributes allows for more effective cleaning that helps carpet stay cleaner, longer. 

INVISTA, parent company of Antron®, is committed to the environment.

Our commitment to the Environment 

We strive to operate in the best interest of our people and communities.
Mannington Commercial Confluence collection

We believe what's inside matters

Making away-from-home spaces brighter, stronger, and easier to clean since 1960.
The technology of Antron® fiber durability.

Uniquely engineered to last longer

The life cycle starts with a more durable carpet fiber.

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