Antron® Fiber

When you have one chance to get it right, specify Antron® fiber.  We hold ourselves to a high standard of performance that prioritizes people-first. This means you can expect more from your carpet fiber. Design professionals turn to type 6,6 Antron® carpet fiber when their reputation for quality is on the line.  Building owners and facility managers choose Antron® carpet fiber when they have one chance to get color, design, and performance right. Carpets of Antron® nylon can last up to 75% longer than the majority of competitive nylon carpets.*  Let Antron® carpet fiber be the canvas for your next great interior space.

The Antron® Difference

Carpets of Antron® 6,6 fiber have hollow shapes that do a better job of hiding soil while also making it easier to lift the soil when cleaning. In fact, carpets of Antron® nylon can have 65% better soil resistance than carpets of the leading competitive nylon.
The tighter molecular structure of type 6,6 offers another benefit – better defense against staining. Due to its lower permeability, type 6,6 slows down the diffusion of stains, allowing more time to clean up.  Carpets of Antron® Lumena™ nylon can have up to 10x better stain resistance than carpets of the leading competitive solution dyed nylon. 
The molecular bonds in type 6,6 nylon are stronger than those in type 6 and they are harder to break. As a result, type 6,6 fibers have more resistance to deformation and heat. That resistance has benefits for building owners. Your carpet shouldn’t take compression from foot traffic by lying down. Carpets of Antron® nylon can have 2x better texture retention than carpets of the leading competitive nylon.

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*All test results and claims made are based upon a representative sample of carpets manufactured or sold in North America. 

Results for carpets manufactured and sold in your region may vary.

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