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Why specify carpet fiber? Differences in carpet fiber characteristics, such as fiber type and fiber shape, often impact staining, soiling, and the required maintenance to keep up a carpet’s appearance. Simply review the 4 steps below to create the right specification then use the recommended Antron® nylon specification suited for your facility's foot traffic.

Specify Antron® fiber at your favorite carpet mill or use the Antron® Carpet Styles Search tool to look for running line styles with Antron® fiber at Bentley Mills, Mannington Commercial, AtlasMasland and Tarkett.

Creating the Right Specification

Assess Foot Traffic

Specifying the right carpet for your facility can have a major impact on how employees and visitors perceive the facility and leaves a lasting impression.  You can also realize valuable savings through reduced maintenance costs, and longer life on the floor.

To get started with your specification, first assess the traffic within your facility keeping in mind a office building has different foot traffic than a hospital and an elementary school makes different messes than an university.

Low traffic areas are likely:

  • Offices
  • Conference rooms

Heavily trafficked areas are likely:

  • Entrances
  • Elevator lobbies and corridors
  • Doorways
  • Natural paths between furnishings

It's also important to keep in mind your location. Specify the right carpet fiber to help deal with the elements such as rain or snow, sleet or sand. 

Consider the Variables

Next, consider these attributes to select the best carpet based on the specific needs of your space:

  • Color – Medium to medium-dark colors hide soil more than lighter or dark colors.
  • Pattern – For more heavily trafficked areas, select heavy patterns, tweeds, and heathers
  • Pile texture – Industry practice calls for 100% loop pile styles for heavy traffic.
  • Yarn type – Twisted and heat set yarns have high structural integrity and perform better.
  • Pile height differential – Look for a maximum carpet pile height differential of 1/32 inch for heavy traffic or 1/16 inch for moderate to heavy traffic.
  • Weight – A minimum face weight of 17 ounces/yard2 is recommended for loop pile carpets.
  • Density – A higher density, the ratio of face weight to pile thickness, may improve carpet performance. 

Fiber Does Matter

Our hard-working fibers have been making away-from-home spaces brighter, stronger, and easier to clean for nearly 60 years.

Antron type 6,6 nylon has a tighter molecular structure than type 6 nylon. We add an innovative hollow filament shape and fluorine-free soil resistance treatment to better hide and release soil, making carpet easier to clean.  In fact:

  • Carpets of Antron® nylon can have 65% better soil resistance than carpets of the leading competitive nylon, making cleaning easier.  
  • Carpets of Antron® nylon can have 2x better texture retention than carpets of the leading competitive nylon.
  • Carpets of Antron® Lumena™ nylon can have up to 10x better stain resistance than carpets of the leading competitive solution dyed nylon.
  • Carpets of Antron® last 75% longer than the majority of competitive nylon.

We believe it’s what’s inside that really matters. Because the things we can’t always see help connect us to our environments, ourselves, and each other.

Consider these benefits when it comes to reinforcing core values of employee wellbeing and reducing the impact on our environment:

  • Clean environment.  Carpets of Antron® nylon can have 65% better soil resistance than carpets of the leading competitive nylon, making cleaning easier.  And a clean workspace means you have a more productive one.
  • Acoustic advantage. When it comes to designing a high-quality work environment that increases productivity and employee retention, consider carpet's acoustic advantage. It can absorb noise and reduce ambient sounds, helping to foster learning and healing.
  • Durability. Carpets of Antron® last 75% longer than the majority of competitive nylon, putting less constraint on our natural resources and less waste in landfills
  • Environmentally friendly. Antron® has proactively removed Fluorine or PFASs – a chemical that’s quickly becoming of concern – from our soil resistance topical.

“I’ve learned how important it is to make an investment in carpet fiber. All of the carpet mills involved in the process knew I would not accept anything other than Antron® Lumena™ solution dyed nylon as the fiber.”

Ralph DeGruttola

 Black & Veatch 

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